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Boundary Devices is a leading global supplier of ARM-based single board computers and System-on-Modules for the general embedded market. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Chandler, AZ, Boundary Devices is an NXP Proven Partner and have completed numerous successful projects with the i.MX family of processors. Begin development work with our single board computer boards, use our System-on-Module or custom design services to get to market quickly and for a reasonable price. All boards are manufactured in the USA by specialists service providers in accordance with modern quality standards. All hardware is designed and tested in our Chandler, AZ facility. Software is always a barrier in embedded designs. With a significant amount of software partners as well as high-level internal expertise, Boundary Devices is well-positioned to provide the right software solution for your embedded design

Boundary Devices Recommended Solutions

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NXP Partner Solutions Offered
Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Embedded Board Solutions
NITROGEN53 Custom The Nitrogen53 is based on the next generation ARM-Cortex A8 processor from Freescale, the IMX53.
NITROGENE Custom The Nitrogen-E is a powerful single board computer designed for multimedia inenstive applications and is based on the IMX515 processor from Freescale.
NItrogen6X Custom The Nitrogen6X is a production ready i.MX6-based single board computer that can also be used for development purposes. The design allows customers to easily embed the Nitrogen6X into an enclosure and get to market quickly.
Operating System:Linux-NXP,Linux-other,Microsoft,QNX-Neutrino,Android
Nit6_SoloX Custom The Nit6_SoloX is a multi-purpose i.MX6 single board computer based on the i.MX6 SoloX processor from Freescale.
Number Of Cores:2
Nitrogen6X_SOM SOM The Nitrogen6X-SOM, a low cost, highly integrated System-on-Module based on the Freescale i.MX6 Single/Dual/Quad-Core CPU. The SOM is ideal for customers looking for rapid product development while maintaining the flexibility of a custom design.
Operating System:Linux-NXP,Linux-other,Microsoft,Linux-Ubuntu,Android
Nitrogen6_Lite Custom The Nitrogen6_Lite is a slimmed down version of our popular Nitrogen6X board. Featuring the powerful i.MX6 Solo processor from Freescale, the Nitrogen6_Lite is an extremely versatile single board computer with a wide variety of connectivity options.
Operating System:Microsoft
Nitrogen6_MAX Custom The Nitrogen6_MAX is a turbo-charged version of our popular Nitrogen6X platform. Nitrogen6_MAX is a single board computer that features the same Quad-Core i.MX6 processor from Freescale, but has significant upgrades to allow for high-end processing.
Operating System:Android / Linux,Linux-NXP,Yocto,Linux-Ubuntu,Android
Number Of Cores:4
Nitrogen7 Other Standard Form Factors The Nitrogen7 is a multi-purpose single board computer based on the i.MX7 processor from NXP. The i.MX7 processor from NXP has ARM Cortex™-A7 and ARM Cortex™-M4 cores which provide unique features to the i.MX family.
Operating System:Linux-other
Number Of Cores:2
Hardware Development Tools
BD-SL-i.MX6 Evaluation/Development Boards and Systems BD-SL-i.MX6 is a low cost development system for the i.MX6 processor. The board features a wide variety of connectivity options as well as multiple operating systems including JellyBean Android, TimeSys Linux, WinCE7, and QNX.
Operating System:Green Hills-Integrity,Linux-NXP,Linux-Mentor,Microsoft,QNX-Neutrino,Wind River-VxWorks,Linux-Ubuntu,Mentor-Nucleus,Android
Independent Design House (IDH)
Custom Devices Boundary Devices can create custom solutions tailored to the exact specifications of the customer. By using the core layout of existing development systems, Boundary Devices can produce custom designs on time and on budget.
Operating System:Android

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7200 W. Oakland St
United States
(602) 212-6744
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Pejman  Kalkhoran
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March 2010

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