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The Embedded Access Inc team are the world experts in the MQX RTOS. We focus on providing a suite of embedded software products, software consulting services, and technical support services for Freescale's Kinetis, ColdFire, i.MX, and Power Architecture families of CPUs all based on the MQX RTOS.

Our software solutions are feature rich, highly optimized, and extremely well integrated with the CodeWarrior Development Studio. Our solutions enable developers to utilize the wealth of on-chip peripherals and to easily integrate with numerous off chip components.

Our suite of software products includes an IoT Reference Platform the MQX real-time operating system (RTOS), the RTCS TCP/IP networking stack, USB Host / Device, Web Server, Flash File System, security products, and additional complimentary products. With one of our off-the-shelf Board Support Packages (BSPs) you can immediately jump into your application development on your processor.

Embedded Access Inc. Recommended Solutions

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Embedded Software
EUSB DEVICE STACK Protocol Stacks EUSB Device is an embedded USB device stack. It provides Class Drivers for HID, Comms Device and Mass Storage. EUSB Device supports on-chip device controllers for a variety of processors and controllers.
Operating System:MQX-Embedded Access,MQX
EUSB HOST STACK Protocol Stacks EUSB Host is an embedded USB host stack. It supports the on-chip host controllers a variety of processors and controllers. EUSB Host supports Class Drivers for Hub, HID, Comms Device, Mass Storage and Printer.
Operating System:MQX-Embedded Access,MQX
MFS FAT FILE SYSTEM Operating Systems MFS is an embedded FAT file system. MFS is fully reentrant and uses the MQX RTOS file device driver to access disk devices including RAM Drives.
Operating System:MQX-Embedded Access,MQX
MQX RTCS TCP/IP Stack Protocol Stacks MQX RTCS is a feature rich TCP/IP protocol stack that includes many application layer protocols. It is scalable enabling speed and footprint optimization. It includes Stack Aware Debugging plug in for CodeWarrior, IAR, and Keil Tools
Operating System:MQX-Embedded Access,MQX
MQX RTOS Operating Systems MQX is optimized for Freescale's 32 bit processors and controllers. It is full featured, extremely scalable and comes complete with a full TCP/IP stack, File System, USB, and debugging tools.
Operating System:MQX-Embedded Access,MQX
MQXv5 Operating Systems Version 5 of the MQX RTOS Platform, including IPv4 / IPv6 TCP/IP, MQTT, REST, File System, USB, XML Parser / Framer, JSON, Web Server, SNMP, and much more.
Operating System:MQX-Embedded Access
PEG+ FOR MQX Protocol Stacks PEG for MQX is a graphics library that supports multiple languages, fonts and video output devices including an on-chip LCD interface. It includes utilities that capture fonts, convert images and design windowing interfaces.
Operating System:MQX-Embedded Access,MQX
SFFS Flash File System Protocol Stacks SFFS is a failsafe flash file system for NOR and NAND devices. It provides complete reliability and protection against unexpected power failures or resets. SFFS provides wear leveling and ECC algorithms to ensure optimal use of flash.
Operating System:MQX-Embedded Access,MQX
Software and Systems Integrator (SSI)
Software Development Services Development services on the MQX Platform ranging from Board Support Packages (BSP), driver development, protocols, to full application development.
Operating System:Freescale MQX,MQX,MQX-Embedded Access
Live In-depth Training
Custom Consultation Compliment your MQX course by adding on 1/2 to 2 days of consultation on a topic critical to your project. Typical topics covered include architectural design principles, Boot Loaders, performance optimization, and driver development.
Operating System:MQX,MQX-Embedded Access
MQX RTOS Detailed review of the MQX API and description of key features including multitasking architecture, task synchronization, memory management, and interrupt management. Course includes hands on labs to illustrate the presented material.
Operating System:MQX,MQX-Embedded Access
RTCS TCP/IP Stack Detailed review of the TCP/IP protocols included with RTCS. Course includes hands on labs.
Operating System:MQX,MQX-Embedded Access

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February 2007

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