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Future Designs, Inc. is a full service design and production company that specializes in transforming “back-of-a-napkin” concepts into tangible product plans. FDI offers its customers hardware, software, mechanical, and system-level expertise and a 27-year history of proven success to provide any level of support from prototyping through high volume production. Our ELI®, and uEZ® GUI product families for touch screen LCD graphical user interface and human machine interface applications are “off-the-shelf” solutions for quick and cost effective upgrades to user interfaces. FDI is committed to minimizing your time-to-market, reducing costs and eliminating your product-development headaches. More information on Future Designs, Inc. can be found at TeamFDI.com.

Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Embedded Board Solutions
ELI Other Standard Form Factors ELI® is FDI’s family of long-life, plug-and-play embedded displays. All ELI products are compatible with a NXP i.MX-based single board computers. FDI designed ELI as an embedded display option that requires minimal development time.
Operating System:Android / Linux,AUTOSAR,Bare-Metal,BSD or FreeBSD,CMX,ENEA OSE,Green Hills-Integrity,Green Hills-Velocity,In house-not Linux,LimeOS,Linux-NXP,Linux-Mentor,Linux-Montavista,Linux-other,Linux-Wind River,LynuxWorks-LynxOS,Microsoft,PalmOS,QNX-Neutrino,SeggerRTOS,SmartDSP OS,Solaris,StickOS,Yocto,MQX-Embedded Access,ENEA-Other,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,Freescale MQX,Linux-RedHat,Linux-Ubuntu,MQX,OSEK,Mentor-Nucleus,Micrium,Linux,Linux-ENEA,Thread X,uClinux,Wind River-VxWorks,Android,Linux-In house
Number Of Cores:1
uEZ GUI Other Standard Form Factors uEZ GUI product family is our standalone microcontroller-based solution designed for the easy integration of modern human machine interfaces (HMI) into a variety of end applications. Standard options feat. NXP MCUs. Devices are highly customizable.
Operating System:SeggerRTOS,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,Micrium
Number Of Cores:1
Independent Design House (IDH)
Hardware/Software Engineering Services FDI’s dedication to a job well done will free you up for other projects. With decades of combined experience designing with NXP products, FDI will guide your concept and help you balance performance, cost, manufacturability, and time to market.
Operating System:Android / Linux,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,Linux-In house,Linux-RedHat,Linux-Ubuntu,SeggerRTOS,Linux-Wind River,Micrium,In house-not Linux,Linux,Linux-ENEA,Linux-NXP,Linux-Mentor,Linux-Montavista,Linux-other

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996 A Cleaner Way SW
United States
(256) 883-1240
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Kent  Lowman
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May 2008

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