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RBZ Robot Design is an engineering company with experience in the development of hardware and software solutions with strong experience in the design of microprocessor and microcontroller systems with focus on connected devices. Our sevices include: hardware design, prototype manufacturing, BSP development, application development, industrializaion and production.

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Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Embedded Board Solutions
RBZ LS1021A module Embedded Board Solutions MXM compatible module based in LS1021A. The module has high speed interfaces (SERDES, SATA, PCIe) to accomodate for storage and networking applications. This module can be accessed on a project basis. Special configurations and licensing available.
Operating System:Linux-NXP,Linux-other,Yocto,Linux,Linux-In house
Number Of Cores:2
RBZ imx6 module Embedded Board Solutions This module based on the imx6 is available with a set of standard configurations, but we offer the possibility to add any configuration requested and even a licensing model to get the design. This is a project based pro Development system available.
Operating System:Android / Linux,Linux-NXP,Linux-other,Yocto,Linux,Android,Linux-In house
Number Of Cores:1,2,4
imx RT HMI Embedded Board Solutions Industrial HMI with real time control including: * FreeRTOS BSP * Embedded Wizard GUI * Cloud connection available using MQTT and HTTP/HTTPS * Failsafe remote firmware upgrade
Operating System:FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS
Number Of Cores:1
Independent Design House (IDH)
Linux boot time optimization Boot time reduction form imx6 based systems. Includes custom development of bootloaders, and kernel/rootfilesystem optimization to achieve fast boot times.
Operating System:Linux-In house,Linux,Linux-NXP,Linux-other
Linux BSP and driver development When working with Linux systems we can offer BSP customization based on Yocto, Debian, Buildroot. OpenWRT or LFS. When required we can develp custom drivers or kernel porting.
Operating System:Android / Linux,Linux-In house,Linux,Linux-NXP,Linux-other
Microprocessor systems hardware design Hardware design for microprocessor system mainly for imx and Layerscape architectures. The service includes experience in high speed design, DDR memory design and interconnexion busses. In house prototype manufacturing.

Low power microcontroller systems hardware design We have experience in the design of battery powered devices using Kinetis microcontrollers and using wirelles communication protocols (GPS, GPRS, BLE,...)

imx RT application development Application development for imx RT processors, including RTOS, GUIs, connection to cloud services and rmote update capabilities.
Operating System:FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS
Kinetis RTOS application development Development of application under FreeRTOS/MQX running on microcontrollers, with sotrong focus on low power operation and wireless protocol integration.
Operating System:FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,MQX

Company Information

Company Headquarters
Casas de Miravete 24 A Plata 4 Local 2
Primary Contact
Daniel  Amor Martin
EBV Elektronik

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