Vector Informatik GmbH: NXP Gold Partner

Vector is the leading producer of software tools and components for networking in electronic systems based on CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Automotive Ethernet and a number of CAN-based protocols. With over 25-years of experience working with automotive OEMs and suppliers of electronic ECUs Vector expertise continues to enhance ECU software components, ECU analysis and testing, ECU calibration, Diagnostics and network architecture.

Founded in 1988, Vector Informatik is headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. Vector also operates subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, France, Sweden, Republic of Korea, China, UK, Italy and Brasil.

Vector is actively involved in standardization activities such as AUTOSAR and CANopen.

Vector Informatik GmbH Recommended Solutions

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Development Software
Vector DaVinci Configurator Pro Components and Modules Configure and generate AUTOSAR basic software (BSW) and the RTE for your ECU – whether they are BSW modules from Vector (MICROSAR) or third party producers (e.g. MCALs from Freescale) or even BSW modules you have created yourself.
Vector DaVinci Developer Application Development Tools Professional tool for designing AUTOSAR Software Components (SWCs). Using convenient graphical editors, you can design the structure and interfaces of the functional software of your ECUs quickly and clearly.
Embedded Software
Vector Flash Bootloader Embedded Software - miscellaneous A universal and compact solution for reprogramming ECUs quickly, efficiently and securely. Support for CAN, LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet programming including OEM and non-OEM ISO14229/30 (UDS/KWP) based download flows.
Vector MICROSAR BSW and RTE Protocol Stacks MICROSAR is the embedded software for your AUTOSAR ECUs. You can get the entire set of basic software for AUTOSAR 4.x and 3.x from a single source.
Operating System:AUTOSAR
Vector MICROSAR OS Operating Systems MICROSAR OS is a preemptive real-time multitasking operating system optimized for single and multi-core microcontrollers. It conforms to AUTOSAR 3.x and 4.x in scalability class 1-4. ISO26262 support available.
Vector MICROSAR Safe Protocol Stacks AUTOSAR basic software for safety-relevant functions according to ISO 26262. MICROSAR Safe helps you to integrate safety-related functions into your ECU. It lets you develop AUTOSAR-based applications for ECUs up to ASIL D per ISO 26262.
Vector Software Integration Package Embedded Software - miscellaneous The SIP gives you a decisive advantage in developing your ECU software: Before delivery, we test and integrate your package on suitable HW, so that you can get the entire package up and running in just a few days.
Software and Systems Integrator (SSI)
Vector Engineering Services Support from prototypes to series-production based on a process optimally adapted to your needs. Project specific workflows are handled with excellent coordination with your project team to assure maximum work relief and the best possible results.

Company Information

Company Headquarters
Ingersheimer Strasse 24
Primary Contact
Jim  Hutter
Member Since
December 2008

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