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ac6-training provides hardware and software training on NXP 32- and 64-bit cores in the real time embedded area:
- Power Architecture, i.MX, and ColdFire processors.
- BSPs and Drivers, Android, Linux, Windows CE, MQX, LTIB...
- Peripherals and interconnect buses, USB, Ethernet, CAN, RapidIO, FlexRay, PCI express, MIL-STD 1553B, HyperTransport...

Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Live In-depth Training
Cortex-M4 / Cortex-M4F implementation - RM3 This course covers both Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M4F (with FPU) ARM core We have 3 important parts: -Cortex-M4 architecture -Cortex-M4 software implementation and debug -Cortex-M4 hardware implementation.
D1 Embedded Linux This course helps you to know how create a system Embedded Linux with BuildRoot and Yocto. The problems due to porting the u-boot bootloader and implementing a Linux BSP are also discussed as well as a porting methodology.
Operating System:Linux-NXP
FK1- Kinetis MCU Implementation The main objectives of this course: - Describing the hardware implementation and highlighting the pitfalls, the ARM Cortex-M4 core architecture, becoming familiar with the IDE and describing the units which are interconnected to other modules
FK2-Kinetis KL26z MCU Implementation This course has 4 main objectives: -Describing the hardware implementation -Describing the ARM Cortex-M0+ core architecture -Describing KL26Z128VLH4 microcontroller architecture -Becoming familiar with the IDE (KDS) and low level programming
FPQ5 - MPC8309 implementation The course explain the architecture of the MPC8309, particularly the operation of the coherency module that interconnects the e300 to memory and high-speed interfaces.
Linux Drivers - D3 -Mastering kernel development and debug tools -Discovering multi-core programming in the Linux kernel -Programming IOs, interrupts, timers and DMA -Installing and integrating drivers inside Linux kernel -Managing synchronous and asynchronous IOs
Linux Realtime - D4 -Master the real-time with RTAI and XENOMAI -Synchronization and communication between Linux and RTAI -Manage the fast timers of RTAI and Programming with XENOMAI
MC4-Multi-Core Programming with OSEK/VDX and AutoSAR Goals of this course: -Understand the specifics of programming multi-core processors -Master concurrent programming -Interactions with processor architecture features -Understand the structure of a real time kernel
Operating System:AUTOSAR,OSEK
MQX Programming on Kinetis Microcontroller Main objectives: -Becoming familiar with the NXP IDE, Kinetis SDK or CodeWarrior -Get an overview of Kinetis and Cortex-M4 core architecture -Revise the concepts of real time multitasking -Learn how to use MQX Library
MQX Real Time Programming Main objectives: -Discover the concepts of real time multitasking -Understand Real Time constraints and the MQX architecture -Discover the various MQX services and APIs -Learn how to develop and debug MQX applications
OS3-FreeRTOS Programming Understanding the FreeRTOS architecture, the various services and APIs. Learning how to develop and debug FreeRTOS applications. Becoming familiar with FreeRTOS APIs.
Porting Android - G1 This course will explain all the required steps, from building kernel and platform from to Source code to tailoring the boot process and the creating test application.
Q1-Embedded GUIs with Qt Installing Qt 5 and the needed components on an embedded platform -Writing Qt applications Discovering Qt key components -Understanding the proper use of threads in Qt applications
RT1-Programmation Temps-Réel et Multi-Core Goals of this course: Discover the concepts of real time multitasking Understand the specificities of multicore processors Master concurrent programming Understand real time constraints Interactions with processor architecture Debug real time
Yocto-Y1 (Building Linux using Yocto) Objectives: - Using and customizing Yocto - Creating Yocto-based Embedded Linux platforms - Using Yocto to develop components
Operating System:Linux-NXP,Yocto

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