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O.S. Systems was founded in 2002, due to the lack options in the market of companies able to perform operating system customization and specialized consultancy in open source software. Since then, we are actively engaged in many World class projects and teams. We have adopted GNU/Linux on our products for the stability, security and flexibility found in open source systems, allowing the company to fulfill its commitment of developing excellent products.

The company offers advanced solutions in information security, connectivity, high availability and clustering. We focus on quality and optimization of resources, ensuring excellence in services provision and offering high quality products.

Additionally, we are specialized in BSP development/support and special projects development; we are have deep knowledge in Linux embedded systems development and are deeply involved in OpenEmbedded/ Yocto and other Open Source projects.

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Software and Systems Integrator (SSI)
Operating System Customization With many years of experience and expertise in operating system customization, including customizations for embedded hardware, thin clients and desktops, O.S. Systems can help your team to make the right operating system for your project needs.
Operating System:Linux-NXP,Linux-In house
Consultancy and support for cross-compilation systems O.S. Systems has a large experience and expertise in the embedded systems field, specially with Yocto, providing consulting and support for adoption, adaptation and migration of cross-compiling systems.
Operating System:Linux-NXP,Linux-In house
BSP development and customization Development and customization of BSPs, adapted to the needs of your project or development team. It may include a SDK for application development.
Operating System:Linux-NXP,Linux-In house

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132, Clovis Gularte Candiota
+55 53 32822787
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Otavio  Salvador
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