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Prove & Run’s mission is to help our customers resolve the security challenges linked to the deployment of connected devices and of the Internet of Things. Prove & Run has developed a patented toolchain forged to formally prove the correctness of complex software components and to help certify them at the highest security level, for a reasonable cost. Using this tool, Prove & Run has developed two essential bricks (ProvenCore and ProvenVisor) ready for integration as COTS, that can be used on their own or in combination, to answer to the most critical security challenges and to provide the right security foundation for connected embedded systems and more generally the Internet of Things. Prove & Run delivers its products under Software License and offers associated Professional and Engineering Services.

Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Run-time Software: Operating System Software
ProvenCore Operating Systems A formally proven ultra-secure OS (TEE) that must be used to protect ARM Cortex-A based connected devices (smartphones, tablets, gateways, etc) against remote cyberattacks
ProvenCore-M Operating Systems A formally proven ultra-secure OS (TEE) that must be used to protect ARM Cortex-M based connected devices (gateways, IoT sensors and actuators) against remote cyberattacks
ProvenVisor Hypervisors Proven secure hypervisor for connected devices and IoT virtualization solutions
Software Development Tools
ProvenTools IDE - Debug, Compile and Build Tools A patented software development toolchain, based on formal methods and the Smart langage
Software and Systems Integrator (SSI)
Engineering Services Prove & Run offers Engineering Services to develop secure custom firmwares, OS kernels, TEEs and hypervisors for NXP processors. Our services can include formal proof of the software correctness and support to certification.

Professional Services Prove & Run offers Professional Services to help customers design-in security on NXP processors. Our services include security analysis and development of security apps (secure boot, firmware update, firewall, authentication, secure storage, etc).

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77, Avenue Niel
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David  Garnier
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June 2015

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