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MobileKnowledge is a team of HW, SW and system engineers, experts in smart, connected and secure technologies for the IoT world. We are your ideal engineering consultant for any specific support in connection with your IoT and NFC developments. We design and develop secure HW systems, embedded FW, mobile phone and secure cloud applications. Our services include Secure hardware design, Embedded software development, NFC antenna design and evaluation, EMV L1 pre-certification support, Mobile and cloud application development, Secure e2e system design and Advanced technical training.

MobileKnowledge Recommended Solutions

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Hardware Development Tools
MK101 Evaluation/Development Boards and Systems A state-of-the-art technology, full-reference design for your digital wallet in a wearable form factor device
Operating System:FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS
Software Development Tools
MK10 Wearable Kit Software Development Kits A set of hardware, software tools and documentation to facilitate the deployment of secure NFC services in wearables and portable devices
Operating System:FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS
MK100 Software Development Kits Sleek design for multiple NFC-secure applications geared to wearable manufacturers
Operating System:FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS
Independent Design House (IDH)
Cloud applications development Cloud services development to securely deploy NFC based services. Server applications development and maintenance for the security management of your IoT based system. Secure credential provisioning and management.
Operating System:Android / Linux,Bare-Metal,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,Linux-Ubuntu,Thread X,Microsoft,Linux,Linux-other,Android
Secure Hardware design Design of IoT devices and Wearables with security ICs or secure elements, and NFC technology for secure applications (payment, transit, access). Biometric authentication, sensors, and secure communication channels.
Operating System:Bare-Metal,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,Thread X
e2e System security design End-to-end security measures tailored to your solution, at device, network and system levels
Operating System:Android / Linux
Embedded software development Tailored development of embedded software solutions. Integration of:  NFC software stack in wearables, latest security Ics, and secure elements. Third-party libraries porting to your system MCU. Cloud and system connectivity technologies.
Operating System:Android / Linux,Bare-Metal,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,Thread X,Linux,Linux-other,Android
NFC antenna design and evaluation NFC antenna design and evaluation. Conducting optimization and debugging. Testing and qualification. Signal waveform validation. Reader IC settings configuration. Device pre-certification for ISO/IEC14443 and EMVCo compliancy.

NFC wearables From requirements definition to prototyping, our expert team will guide you through the design process, including EMVco and MIFARE® certification and the different secure applications provisioning strategies.
Operating System:Android / Linux,Bare-Metal,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,Linux-other,Android
EMVCo L1 pre-certification Design, test and verify your contactless payment solution for EMVCo Level 1 certification.
Operating System:Android / Linux,Bare-Metal,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,Linux,Linux-other
Mobile applications development Connected mobile applications in both Android and IoS environments.
Operating System:Android / Linux,Android
Live In-depth Training
Enhancing everyday products with NFC - Welcome to the IoT We address the main advantages of using NFC to tag everyday products and provide them with an identity in the cloud. We see how these NFC tags work,describe different ways in which they can enhance the product, and we provide a few examples.
Introducing NFC on Android (1-day) Introduction to Android OS Setting up the programming environment Android programming basics Android NFC programming Host Card Emulation Hands-on exercises
M1 – MIFARE Classic EV1 and MIFARE Ultralight family Technical basics of the complete MIFARE product family with a focus on MIFARE Classic EV1 and MIFARE Ultralight family. Basics of symmetrical crypto and a secure contactless system design, future market trends and existing NXP solutions.
M2 – MIFARE Plus EV1 The M2 session addresses the technical details of MIFARE Plus EV1, how to optimize systems based on MIFARE Plus EV1, the migration from MIFARE Classic and how to leverage its full security features. It also includes a practical workshop session.
M3 – MIFARE DESFire EV2 The M3 session presents the features of MIFARE DESFire EV2 with the hints for optimum usage. It includes a practical workshop session and application specific hands-on.
M4 – MIFARE SAM AV2 The M4 session presents the features of MIFARE SAM AV2 with the hints for optimum usages. It includes practical workshop sessions and application specific hands-on.
M5 – MIFARE in Mobile 2.1 MIFARETM has become the most widely adopted contactless technology on the market today and is an essential element in public transportation schemes, ticketing systems, loyalty programs and access management around the world.
MIFARE SDK In this one hour webinar you will learn how to start using the MIFARE SDK library and the advantages of using it for the development of your applications. We also show a set of examples of source code using the MIFARE SDK API.
NFC application: Access control In this webinar we address the main characteristics of NFC access control applications and their most common architectures. We also show the main NXP products and support packages available.
NFC application: Consumer Electronics In this webinar we will provide insights on how NFC technology can revolutionize the consumer electronics market by enabling new use cases and a complete new experience for the user/service provider.
NFC Essentials The origins and basics of NFC, and the new scenarios that the technology opens in the contactless applications domain. Standards, modes of operation and communication protocols. NXP product portfolio for NFC readers. NFC use cases.
NFC Fundamentals (1-day) MobileKnowledge and NXP Introduction Towards and NFC era Read&Write mode and NFC Tags NFC Card emulation NFC Peer-to-Peer Operating mode NXP NFC Solutions
NFC in Android It focuses on NFC technology and the possibilities it offers for both the interaction of mobile devices with NFC-enabled infrastructure and the integration of Android OS on all kind of devices with NFC connectivity.
NFC in Linux - Get started with the NXP PN7120 SBC kit NFC in Linux: Brief introduction to NFC and Linux. Main NFC tools available for Linux. The NXP Linux libnfc-nci software stack: features, architecture and API. Quick start guide for the PN7120 SBC kit
NFC reader design I: how to build your own reader We will provide the insights and skills to design and build an NFC reader. We review its main components, how to choose the right reader and microcontroller ICs, and the proper architecture for your application with respect to security requirements.
NFC reader design II: antenna design considerations In these webinar we explain the NFC antenna theorical fundamentals, its crucial role in the overall system performance, and how to match it in our NFC reader design.
NFC reader design II: antenna design considerations In these webinar we explain the NFC antenna theorical fundamentals, its crucial role in the overall system performance, and how to match it in our NFC reader design.
NFC Standards We will address in this webinar the relevant standards and specifications related to the core NFC functionalities, and will provide an outline of the main ones for payments, access and transit applications.
NFC use cases A virtual tour through a normal day in anyone's life to discover how NFC is already simplifying and adding multiple benefits to our lives – today and in the future.
NTAGI2C Plus - Your entryway to NFC Positioning within the NXP NFC portfolio Application range and use cases NTAG I2C plus vs NTAG I2C Memory organization, commands, key features and functionalities NTAG I2C plus Explorer kit and product support package overview.
NTAGI2C Plus product support package Product Support Package overview NTAG I2C plus Explorer Kit How to evaluate NTAG I2C plus Applications development using NTAG I2C plus framework
NXP connected NFC tags In this webinar we focus on the connected tags portfolio of NXP built on the strong NXP NFC tags family (NTAG) which is targeting Electronics integration.
NXP’s NFC product portfolio NXP's NFC product portfolio obverview Connected tag solutions. NTAG I2C plus NFC frontend solutions: PN512, CLRC663, PN5180 NFC controller solutions: PN7120 / PN7150, PN7462 NFC product portfolio comparison and selection path
PN5180 introduction - The best full NFC frontend on the market Positioning within the NFC portfolio Target markets and benefits Product description and key features, including the outstanding Dynamic Power Control Product support package, including documentation, demo kit, SW tools (NFC Cockpit and NFC Reader)
PN5180 product support package - Get started with OM25180FDK development kit PN5180 development board introduction PNEV5180B SW installation PN5180 NFC Cockpit application PN5180 SW development environment NFC Reader Lib and available SW examples
PN7120 - Best NXP plug’n play full NFC solution With the recently launched PN7120 NFC becomes literally plug’n play. PN7120 is full NFC Forum-compliant and it includes all RF communication protocols, and the NFC controller interface protocol (NCI). Linux as well as Android drivers ease development
PN71x0 product presentation - The best plug’n play full NFC solution In this session we will address the PN71x0 product family description and key features, its positioning within the NFC portfolio, its target markets and key benefits, and the product support package.
PN71x0 product support package Get started with OM5577 and OM5578 demo kits In this session you will get and overview of the OM5577 and OM5578, and how to get started with the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black and Arduino kits.
PN7462 family introduction The first all-in-one NFC solution The PN7462 family offers an all-in-one solution with a microcontroller, full NFC capability, a contact smart card reader, and SW. Ideal solution for physical access control, USB NFC readers, home banking, and any device requiring high integration.
PN7462 product support package Get started with the development kit OM27462CDK Product support package details OM27462CDK development kit PN7462 hardware overview PN7462 SW architecture stack and SW development environment PN7462 NFC Cockpit OM27462CDK Ordering details
POS, mPOS and mobile payments Introduction to payments, POS and mPOS market, architecture of a POS and mPOS device and the certification process. NXP solutions for POS and mPOS. Payment terminal design. NXP design kits and mPOS demonstrator. Mobile-based proximity payments.
Product support package for NXP NFC readers overview Hardware support Software support Design support resources for: Connected NFC tags NFC frontends NFC controllers.
Security on NFC readers In this webinar we address how NXP technology, and more concretely NFC, ensures that users and devices are uniquely identified and secured against cyber attacks with integrated hardware, middleware and software security solutions.

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