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MYIR Electronics Limited is a global provider of ARM based hardware and software tools, design solutions for embedded applications. We support our customers in a wide range of services to accelerate your time to market. MYIR is an ARM Connected Community Member and work closely with ARM. We offer development boards, single board computers and CPU modules, to help with evaluation, prototype, and system integration. Our products are used widely in industrial control, medical devices, consumer electronic, telecommunication systems, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and more other embedded applications. MYIR has an experienced team and provides custom services based on many processors (especially ARM processors) to help customers make your idea become reality.

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Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Embedded Board Solutions
MYC-IMX28X Core Module Embedded Board Solutions Core Modules based on NXP I.MX28 Series Processors ,with 128MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB Nand Flash on Board.Two 1.27mm pitch 80-pin SMT Male Connectors for Board-to-Board Connections. Ready-to-Run Linux 2.6 BSP.
Operating System:Linux
Number Of Cores:1
MYC-Y6ULX SOM Embedded Board Solutions NXP i.MX 6UL/6ULL ARM Cortex-A7 Processors based SOM. With 256MB DDR and 256MB Nand Flash (4GB eMMC Flash is optional) on board. 1.0mm pitch 140-pin Stamp Hole Expansion Interface.Ready-to-Run Linux 4.1 BSP.
Number Of Cores:1
MYD-Y6ULX Development Board Embedded Board Solutions MYD-Y6ULX Development Board is the evaluation board for MYC-Y6ULX series SOM.It offers Dual-Ethernet,LCD interface,Camera interface, USB,CAN,RS232,RS485,SD Card socket,4G LTE Module(Mini PCI-E interface) .Ready-to-Run Linux 4.1 BSP.
Operating System:Linux-NXP
Number Of Cores:1
MYS-6ULX Single Board Computer Embedded Board Solutions i.MX 6UltraLite / 6ULL ARM Cortex-A7 Processor based SBC.256MB DDR3, 256MB Nand Flash memory.With Ethernet, LCD, USB Host, Device, TF Card sockets.On Board WiFi Module for MYS-6ULX-IOT.Ready-to-Run Linux 4.1 BSP.
Operating System:Linux-NXP
Number Of Cores:1
Independent Design House (IDH)
Embedded Hardware Design&Manufacturing and Software Development MYIR offers ARM based development boards, SOMs and SBC. And offers custom design on NXP ARM based platform on hardware and software,including the SCH and PCB Layout, prototyping ,OS(Linux,Android) porting ,debugging and volume production.
Operating System:Linux-In house

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Room 04, 6th Floor, Building No.2, Fada Road,Yunli Smart Park, Bantian,
Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518129
China - 中国
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Linda  Zhang
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