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PathPartner Technology is a leader in providing technology solutions and product engineering services for developing innovative intelligent systems. PathPartner offers a portfolio of enabling products and comprehensive services spanning embedded systems, hardware design, and system integration. We work with device manufacturers and solution providers across diverse industry domains such as automotive, consumer electronics, drones, video surveillance, medical devices etc. Our deep technology expertise in multimedia/imaging systems, deep learning solutions, vision based systems, and connectivity technologies, coupled with our experience in underlying hardware platforms, enables us to provide complete solutions to our customers while expediting their time to market, and future proofing investments. To learn more about us, please visit

Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Embedded Application Software
Driver Monitoring Solution Embedded Application Software Automotive vision solution for driver monitoring on NXP’s i.MX series of platforms. Low latency and easy to integrate.
In-vehicle smartphone integration solution Embedded Application Software In-vehicle smartphone integration solution based on Apple CarPlay on NXP’s i.MX6 platform. Fully compliant to specifications. Support Wi-Fi and USB interfaces.
Miracast solution Embedded Application Software Miracast primary sink stack on NXP’s i.MX6 platform. Fully compliant to Wi-Fi alliance’s Miracast specification. Extensively tested for interoperability.
Operating System:Android / Linux,Yocto
Embedded Software
HDR algorithm Libraries HDR algorithm for digital images to resolve reduced dynamic range typically observed in low end cameras. Suitable for automotive ADAS applications and surveillance systems.
Low Light enhancement algorithm Libraries Sensor independent real-time enhancement of low-light videos with no detail loss or edge artefacts. Suitable for automotive ADAS and surveillance systems.
Multimedia codecs Embedded Software - miscellaneous Bundle of speech, audio and video codecs on ARM A9 of i.MX6 platform. (AAC-LC, EVRC-B, AMR-NB, ARR-WB, iLBC, iSAC, G722, G722.1, H.264, VP8, AVS+)
Radar algorithms Embedded Software - miscellaneous Bundle of key radar algorithms including Beam forming, Clustering and Classification algorithms on NXP’s S32R27 platform. Suitable for RADAR based ADAS applications such pedestrian detection, vehicle detection, parking assistance etc.
Software and Systems Integrator (SSI)
Embedded systems development PathPartner offers end-to-end services for embedded device development spanning BSP and firmware development, middleware development, system performance optimizations, application development, system integration and testing.

Independent Design House (IDH)
Hardware design End-to-end system design services for complex SoCs based hardware devices. We offer design, development, prototyping, and verification of complex hardware systems. Established partnerships with contract manufacturing vendors

Software and Systems Integrator (SSI)
Cloud and mobility services We provide services for integrating OEM solutions with existing cloud platforms, developing turnkey cloud backend systems and creating intuitive mobility applications across platforms.

Company Information

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16, 1st & 2nd Floor, PSS Plaza, New Thippasandra Main Road, HAL 3rd Stage, Puttappa layout,
New Tippasandra
080677 22000
Primary Contact
Sharma  Sushmita

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  • NXP Technology Days Instructor-led training on a broad range of NXP solutions, available in convenient global locations.