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JetHead (Carlsbad, CA, USA) is an embedded software services company. We specialize in C/C++ development and the integration and testing of Linux-based and Android-based software solutions for embedded systems. We have historically specialized in the delivery of high quality pay-tv video solutions on STB, Mobile and Smart-TV platforms, but we are now expanding our expertise into Android solutions and streaming media platforms, including DRM integration and secure video playback for 4K video. JetHead is a leading developer of RVU and DLNA technology, and offers new technology, including IoT software services, advanced Frog-by-Wyplay open-source STB middleware solutions and the JetHead Cloud Browser, used to deliver an HTML5 experience to low cost in-home video devices. JetHead also has a team of test development engineers and can customize a QA strategy for your production need.

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Android and Linux Software Design Services Specialists in C/C++ development & the integration & testing of Linux and Android based software solutions for embedded systems. We have historically specialized in the delivery of high quality HD/4K pay-tv video solutions.
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