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Reactive Blocks lets you combine Java programming and visual development to build robust and concurrent IoT gateway applications. The tool can analyze systems for typical errors of concurrent systems, like deadlocks, race conditions, and proper use of interfaces. You can build application blocks-by-block. You can use Reactive Blocks for everything from simple prototypes to production systems. Building blocks are available for many IoT standards, like MQTT, Kura and CoAP. There are also hardware specific blocks for gateways like the QorIQ, sensors and actuators.

Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Software Development Tools
Reactive Blocks Software Development Kits - Graphical editor integrated with the Eclipse Java tool, to create applications. -Automatic analysis spotting errors related to concurrency -Automatic generation of efficient, event-driven code.
Software and Systems Integrator (SSI)
M2M software development Custom Reactive Blocks development

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Professor Brochs gate 2
+47 93007669
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Anne  Nevin
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June 2014

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