Cypherbridge Systems LLC: NXP Registered Partner

Cypherbridge Systems is a technology R&D firm based in Carlsbad, California. We deliver embedded security solutions with an emphasis on speed, size, portability, features, and standards compliance. The strength of Cypherbridge Systems lies in both our horizontal best-of-class software products, and our extensive experience implementing and integrating vertical line-of-business applications. Our comprehensive product portfolio makes Cypherbridge your one-stop-shop for all embedded security, with a level of customer support and satisfaction second to none. We offer a diverse range of solutions including TLS, SSH/SCP/SFTP, uVPN, uMQTT, uSMTP, IoT Cloud Device Kits (CDK), Modbus, RADIUS, and Secure Boot Loader. uCrypt library interfaced to HW offload MMCAU. Our SDKs are available for high performance LPC, Kinetis, and i.MX platfoms. All toolchains supported including MCUXpresso, Keil, IAR.

Cypherbridge Systems LLC Recommended Solutions

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Embedded Software
uLoad Product Family Protocol Stacks Software update installer and boot loader solution for embedded platforms. This product family manages multiple images to install, activate, and rollback to last-know-good-version, encrypts images, controls software distributions and product options.
Operating System:Linux-other,Thread X,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,Green Hills-Integrity,Linux-Ubuntu,MQX,Micrium
uVPN IPsec/IKEv2 SDK Protocol Stacks The uVPN SDK implements IKEv1/IKEv2/IPsec for a cryptographically secure solution for IP packet networking. It provides authentication, data encryption and message integrity for embedded devices. VPN SDK is a standards-based, full-featured toolkit.
Operating System:Linux-other,Thread X,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,Green Hills-Integrity,Linux-Ubuntu,MQX,Micrium
Software and Systems Integrator (SSI)
Solution Design and System Integration Platform interface design coding and testing for standard SDK products.
Operating System:FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,Linux-Ubuntu,MQX,Thread X,Micrium,Green Hills-Integrity,Linux-other
Live In-depth Training
Cybersecurity Overview of cybersecurity for connected device platforms.
Operating System:FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,Green Hills-Integrity,Linux-other,Linux-Ubuntu,Micrium,MQX,Thread X

Company Information

Company Headquarters
7040 Avenida Encinas
United States
(760) 814-1575
Primary Contact
Steve  DeLaney
Member Since
October 2014

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  • NXP Technology Days Instructor-led training on a broad range of NXP solutions, available in convenient global locations.