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Live In-depth Training
MPC563xM (Monaco) & MPC574xA (Andorra) 3-day workshop that covers e200 Power Architecture core, memory protection, cross-bar switch and all internal/external buses. Also included are details of on-chip peripherals, as well as hands on most I/O modules.
Operating System:AUTOSAR
MPC5643L (Leopard) & MPC5675K (Komodo) Covers e200z4 Dual Power Core Architecture, Memory Management & Protection, Instruction Cache, Crossbar switch & all Internal Buses, Redundancy Checker (CR), Fault Collection & Control Unit (FCCU), Clock generation and all I/O blocks.
Operating System:AUTOSAR
MPC564xBC (Bolero) Offers detailed coverage of dual core architecture (e200z4 and e200z0) with emphasis on the main differences between 2 cores. The execution units, programmer’s model, PowerPC Instruction Set Architecture. It covers all serial communication interfaces
Operating System:AUTOSAR
MPC5676R (Cobra90) & MPC567xF (Mamba) Instruction for pipe-lines,Branch Target Buffer (BTB), instruction and data caches, Memory Management (MMU), memory protection unit (MPU), crossbar switch & all internal/external system buses. It provides detail coverage of all onchip peripherals
Operating System:AUTOSAR,Wind River-VxWorks
MPC5746M (McKinley) Offers in-depth overview of the Multi-Core MPC57xx devices with emphasis on McKinleyfamily. It will cover PowerPC cores including two cores running in delayed lock-step to meet ISO26262 Auto safety integrity level (ASIL)& all on-chip peripherals.
Operating System:AUTOSAR
MPC5777C (Cobra55) In-depth overview of the Multi-Core MPC5777C (Cobra55) device. Full coverage of the PowerPC cores is provided including Power Architecture main features, operation and Programming. It includes detail coverage on-chip peripherals & Safety module
Operating System:AUTOSAR
MPC5777M (Matterhorn) In-depth overview of the Multi-Core MPC5777M device. Full coverage of on-chip PowerPC cores is provided including Power Architecture main features, operation and Programming. Two cores running in Lock-step to ensure safety integrity level (ASIL)
Operating System:AUTOSAR
S12X S12X course covers the major hardware and software features of new product line of Freescale S12X family targeting high performance, low power and cost sensitive applications.It includes coverage of the S12X interrupts, XGate & all IO.
Operating System:AUTOSAR

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