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Ultimate Solutions, a Massachusetts based company, was founded in 1999 with a vision to provide developers of embedded systems with a single channel to procure a wide spectrum of professional grade development tools. USI's product lines target the most commonly used general purpose CPUs and programmable DSPs available in the market today. Over the years, USI has established itself as the leading supplier of development tools for the embedded Linux market. In 2007, the company developed and released the industries first Eclipse based debugger optimized for use with GDB and Abatron’s BDI2000/3000 series of BDM/JTAG probes. In the years to follow, USI is committed to expanding its product and support services to meet the demands of tomorrow’s embedded developers.

Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Hardware Development Tools
Abatron BDI3000 Emulators/Probes The Abatron BDI3000 high-speed debugging tools provide a complete solution for board debug and application development. Host communication via RS232 and Ethernet (10/100) & program download speeds up to 1500 Kbytes/s and BDM/JTAG clock up to 32 MHz.
Operating System:Android / Linux,AUTOSAR,Bare-Metal,BSD or FreeBSD,CMX,ENEA OSE,Green Hills-Velocity,In house-not Linux,LimeOS,Linux,Linux-NXP,Linux-Mentor,Linux-Montavista,Linux-other,Linux-RedHat,Linux-Wind River,LynuxWorks-LynxOS,Microsoft,PalmOS,QNX-Neutrino,SeggerRTOS,SmartDSP OS,Solaris,StickOS,Thread X,Yocto,MQX-Embedded Access,ENEA-Other,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,Freescale MQX,Green Hills-Integrity,Linux-Ubuntu,MQX,OSEK,Mentor-Nucleus,Micrium,Linux-ENEA,uClinux,Wind River-VxWorks,Android,Linux-In house
ZY1000 JTAG Debugger Emulators/Probes The ZY1000 is an easy to use stand-alone JTAG Debugger and flash programmer. The ZY1000 supports the ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, XScale and Cortex line of processors with the included firmware.
Operating System:BSD or FreeBSD,ENEA OSE,Linux-NXP,Linux-Mentor,Linux-Montavista,Linux-other,Linux-RedHat,Linux-Wind River,LynuxWorks-LynxOS,Microsoft,QNX-Neutrino,MQX-Embedded Access,ENEA-Other,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,Linux-Ubuntu,MQX,Mentor-Nucleus,Linux-ENEA,Android,Linux-In house

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10 Clever Drive
United States
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Susan  Thomas
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November 2014

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