Quantimetrica Ltd.: NXP Partner

Quantimetrica Ltd. was established in London in 2013. The company has a significant telecommunications and quantitative skill-set. It specializes in audio based solutions for the Internet of things, including custom hardware and software for telecommunications and engineering applications. The core team consists of several engineers, each with over 20 years' experience, who have worked together for most of their careers. The core team is assisted by a network of consultants. Together, they develop and implement solutions and products in the areas of telecommunications, signal and audio processing and embedded low cost/power implementations. At the core of Quantimetrica's philosophy is a continuous drive to shrink product dimensions and lower products' power consumption and costs. The team's ability to deliver this approach stems from its significant experience in working for some of the telecommunication industry's most prominent companies over the last two decades.

Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Companion Silicon and Modules
QM1 Voice Trigger Power Management Voice activated switch running on low cost Freescale Kinetis microcontroller, able to enable/disable hardware and applications from a distance using specific trigger words. Miniature, low power PCB available using an MKL15 microcontroller.
Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)
Microcontroller-based voice processing solutions Design and implementation of miniature, low power DSP-based voice processing solutions for speaker-independent voice triggering applications.

Live In-depth Training
Quantimetrica Voice Trigger Familiarisation with Quantimetrica's QM1 Voice Trigger Integration with external devices Applications (e.g. voice operated mains plug) System description. More upon signing of NDA.

Company Information

Company Headquarters
16 Blithfield Street
W8 6RH
United Kingdom
Primary Contact
Yianni  Doumenis
Member Since
February 2015

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