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NXP<sup>®</sup> Partner Program

The NXP® Partner Program is your essential source for embedded designs based on NXP solutions.
The program comprises a global network of independent engineering companies that offer the vital tools, software, technology, engineering services and training to speed your design. From reference boards to optimized software, the NXP Partner program provides a powerful and comprehensive ecosystem that partners with you in making the world a smarter, more connected place.

Premier partners

Premier partners collaborate closely with NXP to enrich the enablement and implementation of total system solutions.

Proven partners

Proven partners offer the knowledge and experience to round out the enablement and implementation of total system solutions.

NXP Partner

NXP Partner complete the ecosystem surrounding NXP technologies.

Engineering Consultant

Approved Engineering Consultant, as design houses, software services specialists and training centers, provide the expertise and experience to get your idea to market.

NXP® works with a range of partners in making the tools, software, training and engineering services necessary to help bring a solution to life. NXP EcoMAPS shows the major areas of the ecosystem surrounding NXP silicon and describes how partners interact with customers' development process and end application.

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NXP partner types are supersets of EcoMAPS blocks

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