AC Induction Motor Vector Control (ACIMVC) eTPU Function

The purpose of the ACIMVC function is to perform the current control loop of a field-oriented (vector control) drive of a AC induction motor (ACIM). The sequence of ACIM calculations consists of the following steps:

The ACIMVC calculates applied voltage vector components alpha & beta based on measured phase currents and required values of phase currents in 2-phase orthogonal rotating reference frame (D-Q). The ACIMVC function optionally enables to perform the limitation of calculated D and Q components of the stator voltages into the circle.

The ACIMVC does not generate any drive signal, and can be executed even on an eTPU channel not connected to an output pin. If connected to an output pin, the ACIMVC function turns the pin high and low, so that the high-time identifies the period of time in which the ACIMVC execution is active. In this way, the ACIMVC function, as with many of the motor-control eTPU functions, supports checking eTPU timing using an oscilloscope.

Functionality of ACIMVC.

For full description refer to AN2973.