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CodeWarrior eTPU Function Selector

Step 1: Select eTPU version your application will run on along with eTPU functions to include into your eTPU function set
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  Step 2: Provide us feedback

The inapplicable devices turn grey.
 MPC5676R (eTPU A/B) 
 MPC5676R (eTPU C) 
 MPC5777C (eTPU A/B) 
 MPC5777C (eTPU C) 

    Required code memory size: 0 Bytes. 
  CAM 268 Bytes
  CRANK 3780 Bytes
Crank Emulator
  CRANK_EMUL 628 Bytes
Tooth Generator
  TG 484 Bytes
  FUEL 648 Bytes
Direct Injection
  INJ 1348 Bytes
  SPARK 992 Bytes
Knock Window
  KNOCK 384 Bytes
Motor Control
Motor Control PWM
  PWMM 5196 Bytes
Resolver Interface
  RESOLVER 2184 Bytes
Analog Sensing
  AS 1640 Bytes
PMSM Field Oriented Control
  PMSM_FOC 516 Bytes
Quadrature Decoder
  QD 0 Bytes
General Timing
General Purpose Input Output
  GPIO 132 Bytes
Synchronized Pulse Width Modulation
  SPWM 332 Bytes
Pulse Width Modulation
  PWM 276 Bytes
Input Capture
  IC 208 Bytes
Output Compare
  OC 280 Bytes
Period and Pulse Accumulator
  PPA 556 Bytes
Both Period and Pulse Accumulator
  BPPA 821 Bytes
Frequency and Period Measurement
  FPM 152 Bytes
Queued Output Match
  QOM 472 Bytes
Stepper Motor
  SM 536 Bytes
Serial Peripheral Interface
  SPI 292 Bytes
Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
  UART 404 Bytes
UART with Flow Control
  UART_FC 480 Bytes

Included Routines
(with selections made)
General Routines
  SET 84 Bytes
Motor Control Utilities
  MC_UTIL 312 Bytes
Motor Control Sine Function
  MC_SIN 116 Bytes
Motor Control Transformations
  MC_LIB 1864 Bytes
Please let us know how the created eTPU function set will be used. Describe your application, list its features, mention the eTPU tasks.

Step 3:  Create eTPU
               function set
The generated eTPU code image file will be packed into a ZIP file and you will be able to download it.
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