Replacement Type

Fit: The external dimensions and associated tolerances of a product.
Form: The external visual appearance including color, marking, and surface finish. Also may include the physical die layout and properties, as well as physical composition/size of internal package piece parts (wires, leadframes, etc.). Physical die properties include geometries, junction depths, dopant concentrations, oxide thickness, passivation composition/thickness, die thickness, metallization composition/thickness, and any other property affecting electrical performance.
Function: The electrical, mechanical, and thermal performance characteristics.
Pin-for-Pin Equivalent:
  • Identical number, size and location of pins. Electrical function of each pin identical, including no connects and grounding.
  • The solderable area of the pin, the location of the pin, the pin number and electrical function all have to match exactly in order to have pin-pin equivalency.
  • The backside source or ground contact of a heatsink area is not considered a "pin" and can therefore change in size and still be pin for pin compatible.