LPC553x Reference Manual
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Agreement : LPC553x Reference Manual

This is a binding agreement between your employer, of which you are an authorized representative, or, if you have no employer, you as an individual (“you”), and NXP B.V. (“NXP”). The following documentation (“Documentation”) is NXP’s confidential and proprietary information. If you already have confidentiality terms in place with NXP, then those confidentiality terms apply to, and govern your use of, the Documentation. If you do not have confidentiality terms in place with NXP, then you agree to:

(1) treat the Documentation as confidential information, and use reasonable measures to protect the Documentation from misappropriation or misuse;

(2) use the Documentation only to support your legitimate use of NXP’s products; and

(3) disclose the Documentation only to your employees and/or contractors who have a need to know of the Documentation and who are obligated to protect the Documentation to at least the same extent as described in these terms.

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