2nd Level Interconnect Meaning
e0 - e9
Indicates the Lead (Pb) Free Category - A category assigned to the Lead (Pb) Free components, boards, and assemblies indicating the general family of material used for the 2nd level interconnect (interconnect made by the attachment of the device/component to the printed circuit board) including solder paste, lead/terminal finish, and terminal material/alloy solder balls.
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Not applicable for this product.


e1 SnAgCu (shall not be included in category e2)
e2 Tin (Sn) alloys with no Bi or Zn excluding SnAgCu
e3 Tin (Sn)
e4 Precious metal (e.g. Ag, Au, NiPd, NiPdAu)(No Sn)

SnZn, SnZnx (no Bi)

e6 Contains Bi (Bismuth)
e7 Low temperature solder (≤ 150˚ C) containing Indium (no Bi)
e8 Unassigned
e9 Unassigned