NXP® broad portfolio of automotive microcontrollers and processors, plus our broad enablement and technical support enable you to create the next breakthrough automotive designs for advance driver assistance systems, in-vehicle networking, body, chassis and safety, powertrain, and infotainment applications
ARM MCUs and MPUs for Automotive

Our ARM-based portfolio offers the highest level of integration, the most comprehensive software/hardware enablement & the broadest range of performance.

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16-bit S12 MagniV MCUs

S12 MagniV portfolio simplifies system design and reduces time to market with integrated mixed-signal microcontrollers (MCUs) for automotive and industrial applications

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Ultra-Reliable Microcontrollers

Ultra Reliable Industrial and Automotive MCUs provides the best-in-class quality, reliability and safety

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16-bit S12 & S12X MCUs

Get high performance at a low cost with proven S12 MCUs technology. The S12 family has a vast array of optional features. The S12X family expands performance capabilities with XGate co-processor option.

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8-bit S08 MCUs

High-performance and low power, the S08 does not sacrifice performance to provide low power 1.8 V operation. S08 Features – Multiple power management modes, including a 20µA power-down mode.

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32-bit Power Architecture MCUs

MPC5xxx MCUs offers scalable, highly integrated solutions designed for automotive, with a focus on quality and long-term reliability

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    What's New

    • MAC57D5x Linux & FreeRTOS
      Now available Linux and FreeRTOS software enablement package delivered by Mobiliya.
    • New Automotive S32R Radar MCU
      Offering higher accuracy and safety allows the vehicle to detect and classify objects, enabling a new range of semi-autonomous capabilities

    Training and Events

    • Webinar:
      S32K MCU Motor Control Applications with Embedder Coder and Motor Control Development Toolbox