• Automotive Products
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Automotive Products

Microcontrollers and Processors

  • MCUs and MPUs for ADAS, Safety, Security, Powertrain and Body Electronics

Secure Car Access

  • Security transponders and encryption for secure car access

Interface and Connectivity

  • CAN, LIN, Flexray,
    SBCs, Ethernet, USB

Media and Audio Processing

  • Multimedia solutions for in-car entertainment

Discrete and Logic

  • Dedicated automotive solutions

Power Management

  • PMICs and LED lighting controls


  • Advanced performance and simplified design


  • Angle, rotational speed and temperature sensors
You’ll go a long way to find an automotive portfolio with the breadth, depth and quality of NXP® Semiconductors’. It covers diverse areas, from in-vehicle networking to automotive lighting, car radio and audio to automotive power, and telematics OBU to access and immobilization
Secure Car Access

NXP leads the immobilizer market and continues to drive it, developing ICs for the next generation of remote keyless and passive entry systems

Interface and Connectivity for Automotive

NXP develops and delivers the transceiver solutions you need to ensure your automotive electronics communicate efficiently and intelligently.

Media and Audio Processing for Automotive

NXP’s industry proven in-car entertainment media processors provide powerful solutions for in-car multimedia processing applications

Discrete and Logic for Automotive

NXP is the global leader in automotive MOSFETs and a global supplier of small-signal discretes. Our AEC Q100 qualified logic products meet the demanding requirements of automotive applications

Power Management for Automotive

Highly integrated, high performance Power Management ICs, LED lighting drivers and light position controls

RF for Automotive

Our portfolio covers the majority of communication and transmission systems, so it's easy to find a solution that matches your particular requirements

Sensors for Automotive

Today's automotive and industrial systems depend on an accurate and reliable supply of information. We provide an extensive portfolio of high-performance sensor solutions to deliver exactly that

Microcontrollers and Processors for Automotive

NXP provides the processing power to accelerate your next automotive design around the vehicle for advanced driver assistance systems, in-vehicle networking, body, chassis and safety applications

Automotive Products

  • Identification and Security
  • Power Management
  • Interface and Connectivity
  • Microcontrollers and Processors
  • Discretes and Logic