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I2C General Purpose I/O

NXP's GPIOs provide reliable IO expansion for most microprocessor families, allowing designers to save GPIOs on microprocessors for other important functions. Devices are about to become available for SPI and I2C bus interface and with 8 or 16 IOs.

NXP's GPIO are useful in any application where the number of GPIOs on the microprocessor is not sufficient. With the requirement for more functionality and features such as LED control, fan control, push button input control, system monitoring or humidity sensing, the relatively small numbers of GPIOs on microprocessors are becoming a limiting factor. Adding IO expansion with NXP®.s GPIOs overcomes these limitations.

Our GPIO are available with either I2C bus SPI bus interface and offer from 8 to 16 IOs. Some of the products feature an additional INT (INTerrupt) output and/or a REST or OE (Output Enable) input. The output is used to signal the microcontroller when any of the inputs change state (1 to 0, or 0 to 1). The RESET input can be used to initialize the device to its default state without de-powering it.


  • Easily adds I/Os via I2C or SPI-bus for input/ouput, key scan or to control LEDs
  • Combats "Feature Creep" by expanding I/O ports instead of requirement for new µC
  • Allows seamless migration to newer µC and still keeps the same peripherals
  • Eliminates costly congested PCB since a trace or wire is not needed for each signal
  • Automotive AEC-Q100 compliant qualification for highest reliability and robustness
  • IO expansion for 8 or 16 inputs and/or outputs
  • I2C and/or SPI-bus interface
  • Interrupt output and/or Reset input
  • Up to 18 V tolerant inputs
  • Maskable inputs

Target Applications

  • Basestation – discretes focus / transceiver board
  • Digital media adapters
  • LCD display – discretes focus
  • PCI analog / DVB-T stereo TV receiver
  • UMA-enabled GSM/GPRS/EDGE VAS Phone (6100)
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