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Class-AB (car radio)

Confirmed by outstanding customer feedback, NXP® Class-AB amplifiers have best-in-class audiophile sound performance. They include a full range of diagnostics, which increase quality and enable reduced costs. Due to low voltage operation (6 V), Class-AB amplifiers support start-stop capabilities, and in best efficiency mode you can achieve low power dissipation and high output power.

NXP is the leader for sound performance in Class-AB amplifiers for car radio and sound systems. A key feature of this quality is low DC offset voltage, which avoids pop noise. And for general purpose noise reduction the amplifiers are offered with differential inputs.

Ideal for stop/start

The Class-AB amplifier output stages are suitable for 2 Ohm to 4 Ohm speakers. But the latest generation of these amplifiers is ideal for stop/start automotive applications, operable as low as 6V while offering high power output.

Controlled by I²C

The amplifier is controlled by I²;C bus and legacy mode can be used to diagnose clip detection and provide a high temperature warning at around 122 -145 C. These audio Class-AB power amplifiers are ideal for car radio head units, available in small foot print packages (HSOP36 or DBS27) with different bending for horizontal use.


  • Always fantastic audio sound at different levels of output power
  • Leading sound performance
  • Low pop noise
  • Ready for stop/start applications; TDF854x is operable down to 6V supply voltage
  • 6V min supply voltage
  • I²;C bus control and diagnostic for clip detection and thermal pre-warning (122°, 145°)
  • Multiple I²;C addresses
  • Small foot print: HSOP36 packages; DBS27 package
  • Legacy mode control
  • Best efficiency mode; Low power dissipation at high output power

Target Applications

  • Car radio head units for OEM and After sales market
  • Multi channel sound systems in trunk unit
  • Active noise cancellation in automotive