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i.MX28 Applications Processors: Integrated Power Management Unit (PMU), ARM9™ Core

i.MX28 for Industrial and Consumer Applications

The i.MX28 family of multimedia applications processors is the latest extension of our ARM9 product portfolio. The i.MX28 family integrates display, power management, and connectivity features unmatched in ARM9-based devices, reducing system cost and complexity for cost sensitive applications.

Easy-to-use tools and software help you design differentiated industrial and consumer products in less time. With optimized performance and power consumption, the i.MX28 is an ideal fit for fanless systems or for portable equipment that need to be battery operated. Numerous connectivity options including dual 10/100 Ethernet (IEEE® 1588 capable) with L2 switch address specific needs for industrial applications. Additionally, the LCD controller with touch screen capability makes it possible to design creative and intuitive user interfaces that are required by many applications.

i.MX28 for Automotive Applications

The i.MX28 family of multimedia applications processors integrates display, power management, CAN, USB, and Ethernet connectivity with full AEC-Q100 automotive qualification.

The combination of advanced connectivity peripherals with a 454Mhz ARM9 processor core creates a platform for gateway products that bridge multiple networks. With attention to overall system cost, i.MX28 integrates physical USB interfaces (PHY), 10/100 Ethernet , power management, and a resistive touch screen display controller. With these features, the i.MX28 provides a cost effective solution for automotive-grade products, like road-tolling monitors, CAN gateway, car audio accessories (USB or SD card adapters) and touch screen controlled car radios can be created. NXP® offers an i.MX28 evaluation kit that also includes software audio codecs for use with i.MX28 at no extra cost.

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