NXP's feature rich logic controlled high side load switches manage the distribution of power in application sub-systems to significantly reduce total power dissipation. Available in extremely small CSP packages and with a continuous current as low as 500 mA and as high as 3 A, NXP's range of load switches are suitable for multiple space constrained applications. Load switches are ideal for use in portable systems to extend battery life and optimize charging cycles.

High side load switches are used to activate sub-systems or sub-circuits of applications only when they are required. De-activation occurs when they are not in use, reducing the total system power dissipation.

NXP's load switches integrate reverse voltage protection; over voltage protection, over current protection and over temperature protection - all prevent damage to the load switch and the components it supplies when a system fail event is detected. Integrated slew rate control reduces the inrush current when supplying a sub-system. Over-voltage tolerant low threshold control logic inputs, enable the load switches to be used with a wide range of legacy and newer controllers. Under voltage lock out ensures a switch remains disabled until the device is in the functional voltage range.

The high level of integration, including IEC61000-4-2 esd protection and small footprint leadless and wafer chip scale packaging make these load switches ideal for portable applications where board space is at a premium.


  • Wide input voltage range of 1.1 V to 20 V for design flexibility
  • Low RON of 20 mΩ (typ.) for low loss across the switch
  • Overvoltage tolerant threshold control logic eliminates external level shifters
  • Integrated resistor to discharge load capacitance, when switch is disabled
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Low power off leakage current for extended battery life
  • Under voltage lock out ensures switch remains disabled when a voltage less than the operating range is applied
  • Over temperature shutdown prevents any damage to switch and downstream peripherals

Target Applications

  • Battery charging control in cell phones
  • Power management in battery operated electronics
  • Power supply routing, isolation and distribution