Differential/Gauge up to 1000 kPa

We offer a wide variety of high range pressure differential/gauge sensors. These sensors measure the difference in pressure between sources when pressure is applied to both sides of the sensor (differential) or the difference between source pressure and atmospheric pressure (gauged). These sensors combine advanced micromachining techniques, thin-film metallization and bipolar processing to provide an accurate analog output signal that is proportional to the applied pressure.

High range differential pressure sensors are available in uncompensated, compensated and integrated variations.

  • Uncompensated pressure sensors are a basic series that are uncompensated and un-calibrated. Your system solution may need to be more involved to conduct the compensation for the sensor. However these sensors offer higher sensitivity, lower cost. Their low-level output allows flexibility of signal conditioning.
  • Compensated pressure sensors are calibrated and temperature compensated. Many of the pressure sensors within the compensated series can be used for the medical market. They offer design advantages through their reduced device to device variations in offset and span and their reduced temperature drift in offset and span.
  • Integrated pressure sensors are calibrated, temperature compensated and amplified. Since fewer external components are needed, the overall system design is simplified. Signal conditioning, calibration of span & offset and temperature compensation are included on-chip.

Differential/Gauge up to 1000kPa Products

  • MPX4250: 0 to 250kPa, Differential, Gauge and Absolute Integrated Pressure Sensor
  • MPX5500: 0 to 500kPa, Differential Integrated Pressure Sensor
  • MPX5700: 0 to 700kPa, Differential, Gauge and Absolute Integrated Pressure Sensor
  • MPX5999: 0 to 1000kPa, Differential Integrated Pressure Sensor
  • MPXx2200: 0 to 200kPa, Differential, Gauge and Absolute Pressure Sensor
  • MPXx2202: 0 to 200kPa, Differential, Gauge and Absolute Pressure Sensor
  • Not Recommended for New Design
    • MPXZ5150: 0 to 150kPa, Integrated Pressure Sensor


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