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The Driver Replacement domain lets passengers conveniently sit back without touching the wheel. Our technology enables the capabilities of sensing and thinking, while ensuring the safe and secure operation of the vehicle.

The “sensing” components such as radar, cameras or LiDAR perceive the environment. The “thinking” components process the data and fuse it, creating a 360 map of the world around it. Future self-driving cars can prevent emergency situations, determine the path to take and allow for safe, efficient and easier mobility .

Solutions that sense, think and act - ensuring that every journey is safe, secure and enjoyable.

What's New

Press Release

NXP, LG Electronics and HELLA Collaborate on Automotive Vision Platform

The joint development work is based on the conviction that vision platforms must be open and safe to meet NCAP guidelines and to pave the way for level 3 to 5 automated driving.

Press Release

NXP Introduces Automated Drive Kit for Open, Fast and Flexible Development

The kit enables car makers and suppliers to develop, test and deploy autonomous algorithms and applications quickly on an open and flexible platform with an expanding ecosystem of partners.

Press Release

NXP Broadens Product Portfolio to Enable High Resolution Automotive Radar Sensors

NXP’s full suite of radar transceivers completes the industry’s only radar portfolio based on both BiCMOS and advanced RFCMOS process technologies, to match carmaker requirements with a complete system solution.