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Block Diagram
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SMARTMX2-P60: Single/Dual Contact Interface Controllers
  • Family concept providing memory options up to 586kB ROM, 144 kB EEPROM and 10 kB RAM  
  • ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 interfaces  
  • Supports MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Plus, and MIFARE Classic for applications convergence  
  • Certified crypto library
NFC Reader
HITAG® Reader ICs HITAG® HTRC110 reader ICs enable fast and easy reader integration with few external components.
Contact Reader ICs For contact smart card applications, NXP® offers a highly versatile family of ISO7816 compatible contact reader ICs. Backed by NXP's expertise and extensive range of support tools, including demo boards and software libraries, they are extremely simple to design into set-top-boxes, mobile devices and stand alone readers.
MIFARE® SAMs for Reader Systems NXP's MIFARE® SAMs offer secure storage and communication in a variety of infrastructures. Additionally, the 'X' feature provides a significant boost in performance allowing fast communication between reader and module.

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