FS84/FS85/FS66 12 V Safety SBC Evaluation Board for Automotive Applications

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Supported Devices

Power Management

System Basis Chips



  • Embedded USB connection for easy connection to software GUI (access to SPI/I2C bus, IOs, RSTB, FS0B, INTB, Debug, MUX_OUT, regulators)
  • USB connection for register access, OTPemulation, and fuse

Power Management

  • VBAT power supply connectors (Jack and Phoenix)
  • VPRE output capability up to 6 A (external MOSFET)
  • VBUCK1/2 in standalone or multiphase mode, up to 3.6 A peak
  • VBUCK3 up to 3.6 A peak
  • VBOOST 5.0 V or 5.74 V, up to 400 mA
  • LDO1 and LDO2, from 1.1 V to 5 V, up to 400 mA
  • Ignition key switch

General Specifications

  • FS0B External Safety pin


  • Support OTP fuse capabilities


  • LEDs that indicate signal or regulator status

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  • FS84/FS85/FS66 12 V safety SBC evaluation board for automotive.

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