TEA2376DB1602 300W PFC Demo Board


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Supported Devices

Power Management

AC-DC Controllers with Integrated PFC


TEA2376 Features

  • Interleaved PFC controller
  • Programmable phase shedding and burst mode operation
  • High PF and low THD
  • Low audible noise
  • Valley/zero voltage switching for minimum switching losses
  • Many programmable protections like Dual OVP, UVP, OTP, OCP, etc

TEA2209 Features

  • Active bridge rectifier controllers replacing the traditional diode bridge
  • Very low IC power consumption (2 mW)
  • Integrated high-voltage level shifters
  • Directly drives all four rectifier MOSFETs
  • Very low external part count
  • Integrated X-capacitor discharge (2 mA)
  • Self-supplying
  • Disable function for all external power MOSFETs

TEA2376DB1602 Features

  • 300 W, 395 V@0.76 A interleaved PFC universal mains power supply
  • Active bridge rectifier + interleaved PFC converter
  • High efficiency at all load conditions. See efficiency 1 and efficiency 2
  • Excellent PF and THD performance

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