SiMKit is a simulator-independent compact transistor model library. Simulator-specific connections are handled through adapters that provide the right interfacing to:

  • Spectre and other circuit simulators from Cadence
  • Gemini, the circuit simulator of Keysight's Advanced Design System ADS

The model code and adapters are available in separate libraries. The single model library is shared between the different adapter libraries. At run-time, each of the simulators loads its corresponding adapter library and that adapter library then loads the model library.

Some circuit simulators, such as AFS from Mentor Graphics, provide their own SiMKit adapter. If you use another circuit simulator, the efficient way to include several SiMKit models is to build your own adapter, as described in Build your own simkit below.

Product Description
SiMKit for Cadence circuit simulators All Cadence circuit simulators equipped with the CMI (Compact Model Interface), such as Spectre, APS and UltraSim, can use the SiMKit.
SiMKit for ADS To make the SiMKit models accessible from an ADS schematic an ADS Design Kit is made available that provides schematic symbols for the intrinsic SiMKit models.
SiMKiit libraries for Windows The up-to-date recent SiMKit library versions for Windows.
Build your own SiMKit The source of SiMKit is delivered in a tar file, from which you can build your own SiMKit libraries. If you want to use the provided examples, please make sure that you compile on a system that supports Fortran 77 (note that from release package 4.6 and up, the examples are not provided anymore).