S12ZVH HVAC control with LCD


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Product Details


  • LCD based Graphics Interface
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Control for airflow (Face, Foot, Defrost, Face and Defrost, and Face and Foot) directions using actuator motors
  • Control for defogger using actuator motor
  • Control for recirculation using actuator motor
  • 5-level control for blower speed using PMDC motor
  • 9-level control for cooling/warming using actuator motor
  • Car’s cabin temperature display
  • Real Time Clock display and adjustment
  • Date display and adjustment
  • IR remote interface
  • 8 Touchpad interface
  • S12ZVH
    • Enhanced S12Z core at 32 MHz bus speed
  • MC33932
    • Each H-bridge in the MC33932 is able to control inductive loads with currents up to 5.0A peak
  • MC33984
    • Consists of very low RDSON devices in single or dual high side configuration to replace electromechanical relays or discrete devices in power management applications and DC motor control.

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  • TRK-S12ZVFP64

  • Customer Evaluation Board for the VFP Device.


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