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Robust MCU with 256KB Flash and TSI

Robust MCU with 256KB Flash and TSI

Touch Software Block Diagram

NXP<sup>®</sup> Touch Software Block diagram


  • Available as source code
  • Based on MCUXpresso SDK
  • Released as MCUXpresso middleware
  • Ideally suited for RTOS based applications
  • Fully supports the NXP® touch sensing interface (TSI) peripheral available on many Kinetis KE15Z MCUs
  • Abstracted decoder controls, such as rotary, slider, keypad, analog rotary, analog slider
  • Proximity and shielding electrodes
  • Advanced filtering and integrating detection (AFID) or Signal Adaptive Filtering Algorithm (SAFA) keydetectors
  • Water tolerance
  • Sensitivity auto-tuning function
  • FreeMASTER GUI Tools

Supported Devices

  • KE1xZ: KE1xZ: Arm® Cortex®-M0+ 5V Main Stream MCU with NXP Touch and CAN Control


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