Accelerate your next smart device prototype with our complete portfolio of development and evaluation tools. Enable maximum efficiencies in manufacturing, miniaturization, up-integration and power consumption.

Development and Evaluation Tools

Analog Toolbox

Evaluation boards and reference designs supporting analog mixed-signal and power solutions.

Automotive Development Platforms

Great choice for quick start prototyping with a variety of automotive ultra-reliable microcontrollers and processors.

Automotive Motor Control Development Solutions

Rapid prototyping and evaluation of motor control applications.

General-Purpose MCUs Evaluation and Development Boards

Flexible and scalable prototyping platforms.

i.MX Evaluation and Development Boards

i.MX applications processors for real-time, low-power and safety-critical solutions.

RF Circuit Collection

Comprehensive library of more than 400 RF power amplifier designs to help jump-start RF power development.

Sensors Evaluation Boards

Wide spectrum of sensor evaluation boards including demonstration kits, shield development boards and breakout boards for supported IoT sensors.

StarterTRAK Development Boards

Automotive feature-sets for Body and Security, Powertrain and Safety and Chassis.

Latest Development Tools

Evaluation Kit for MCX N94x MCUs

Evaluation Kit for MCX N94x MCUs

MCX-N9XX-EVK is a full featured evaluation kit for rapid prototyping of MCX N94 / N54 MCUs using the MCUXpresso Developer Experience.



The CodeWarrior USB TAP host target interface is a feature-packed, run control tool that saves development time during bring-up and debugging.

Automotive Development Platforms

EdgeReady Development Boards for a Secure IoT

Layerscape FRWY-LS1012A board

Layerscape FRWY-LS1012A Board

The Layerscape® FRWY-LS1012A board is an ultra-low-cost development platform for LS1012A series communication processors built on Arm® Cortex®-A53.

Evaluation Kit for the i.MX 8M

Evaluation Kit for the i.MX 8M

Our customizable i.MX 8M evaluation kit is ideal for creating products that work with edge-based inference engines for machine learning.

LS1046A Freeway Board

LS1046A Freeway Board

The FRWY-LS1046A board supports the LS1046A processor, onboard DDR4 memory, multiple Gigabit Ethernet, USB3.0 and M2_Type_E interfaces for Wi-Fi.

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