MCU-based Solution for
Alexa Voice Service

Turnkey i.MX RT solution for Alexa Built-in.


i.MX RT voice assistant development kit


i.MX RT MCU for Alexa Voice Service Hardware Block Diagram
i.MX RT Voice Control Software Block Diagram


  • SLN-ALEXA-IOT   Active

  • MCU-based Solution for
    Alexa Voice Service
      • Distributor

Design Resources

Technical Documentation

Design Files and Guides

  1. User Guide
  2. Developer Guide
  3. AWS Migration Guide
  4. Schematics
  5. BOM
  6. Layouts

Tools and Software

Software and Hardware

  1. MCUXpresso compatible SLN-ALEXA-IOT SDK
  2. Manufacturing Tools
    1. Automated Manufacturing Scripts
    2. OTA signing
    3. eXIP enablement
    4. High Assurance Boot enablement
  3. Drivers
  4. Precompiled Binaries
  5. Android/iOS Source code
  6. Amazon Alexa Deployment Scripts


NXP offers a self-test service for Alexa Built-in products, available to its customers desiring to test their devices before submitting to Amazon.