Three-Phase Power Meter Reference Design

A cost-effective energy metering design for the residential market or utility providers


Three Phase Power Meter


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Technical and Functional Specifications


  • Internal connector supporting Arduino® shield (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) expansion boards


  • 4 x 40 segment LCD, including charge pump (values shown on LCD: V, A, W, Var, VA, kWh, kVarh, cos F, Hz, time, date
  • Isolated (4 kV) RS-232 port for monitoring, parameterization and firmware upgrade
  • Integrated wireless 15W transmitter supports fast charging for Samsung® and Apple® devices
  • Digital control buck-boost converter
  • One control IC controls buck-boost converter, charge, Qualcomm algorithm, PD communication and wireless power management

Design Features

  • Low-power design with operation in low-power modes and the use of built-in RTC (Li-battery backup)
  • 100 A current range, 85 to 264 V, 50/60 Hz voltage range


  • EMC proven design (EN61000-4-2, EN610004-4)


  • Accuracy class: C (active energy EN50470-3) and three or two percent (reactive energy EN62053-23)


  • FRDM-KW41Z   Active

  • Part Description: Freedom Development Boards for Kinetis KW21Z, KW31Z and KW41Z MCUs. 2 boards per order.
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