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MCU-based Solution for Alexa Voice Service

MCU-based Solution for Alexa Voice Service

NXP’s MCU-based solution for Amazon's Alexa Voice Service (AVS) leverages the i.MX RT crossover processor, enabling developers to quickly and easily add Alexa voice assistant capabilities to their products.


Automotive Designs


MPC-LS Vehicle Network Processing reference design

The MPC-LS-VNP-RDB is a reference design engineered for Vehicle Network Processing (VNP) applications, used by carmakers, suppliers, and software ecosystem partners to accelerate the development of next-generation service-oriented gateways.


MPC5748G Secure Ethernet Gateway reference design

The MPC5748G-GW-RDB is a reference design board engineered for providing A-sample like Ethernet Gateway ECU, supporting secure Over-the-Air (OTA) management and Functional Safety to help accelerate gateway products development and production.