RDK-S32R274: S32R27 Reference Design Kit for high-performance Automotive Radar


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  • S32R27 Reference Design Kit for high-performance Automotive Radar
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Get an in-depth understanding of the global radar market and how the RDK-S32R274 reference design can make a substantial impact on your product development cycle. We will also explore the out-of-the-box experience and the development environment, together with some compelling "real world" examples. The automotive Radio Detection and Ranging (radar) global market is estimated to reach almost $8B USD in 2021, playing an important role in enabling driverless cars. NXP is leading the way with radar solution development and has developed a dedicated reference design for Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) applications. The RDK-S32R274 Radar reference design offers a complete automotive radar solution including a high-performance MCU, a 77 GHz radar transceiver, and automotive-qualified radar software.

RDK-S32R274 Support Packages
Basic Reference Design Package Premium Reference Design Package
HW Reference Design Kit
RDK w/enclosure, quick-start guide, power cable, ethernet cable
Application Software with Driver (non-safe)
Layout with Gerber files
Application Software
Package Technical Support (NXP & CEI)

Up to 20 hours
Price $3590 $50K