Capacitive Touch Plug-In Tower System Starter Kits


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User Components

  • The TWRPI-TOUCH-STR, includes a discrete nonmultiplexed rotary touchpad interface, a classic 12 button keypad interface, an MPR121 to manage to touch pad interfaces and communicate back to the host MCU via I2C and the TSS board with pull-up resistors for use with the MCU
  • The TWRPITSS-Sliders offer a linear analog slider made up of 2 electrodes and complemented with single electrodes for additional functions, the second board is a circular analog slider made up of 4 electrodes. A central electrode is provided for extra functionality
  • The TWRITSS-SHIELD contains 2 boards with different shielded layouts
  • Compatible with the Tower® System modules with touch sense andtouch pad tower plug-in (TWRPI) sockets
  • Bundled as 3 different sets of plug-ins: TWRPI-TOUCH-STR, the TWRPITSS-Sliders and the TWRPITSS-SHIELD

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  • Tower System, Plug-In, Capacitive Touch Starter Kit, use w/Tower System Modules w/TWRPI Sockets.

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Design Files

1 design file

  • Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics

    TWRPI-TSS Schematics


2 software files

  • Libraries

    Touch Sensing Software Suite installer 2.6

  • Graphics, UI, and Human Machine Interface

    Touch Sensing Software Suite installer Version 3.0.1

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