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Title Track Sub Track Session Resources
NXP's Innovation in Bluetooth Low Energy  Automotive Connectivity AMF-AUT-T4207
Electromagnetic Fields for Normal Folks: Show Me the Pictures and Hold the Equations, Please!  Automotive Other Automotive AMF-AUT-T4302
EdgeLock® Secure Element Solution for FIPS Compliance  Enabling Technologies Security AMF-ENT-T4178
Move SOC FPGA Design to MPU Solution with i.MX 8M Plus  Enabling Technologies Edge Computing AMF-ENT-T4182
How Does the MCUXpresso SEC Trust Provisioning (TP) Tool Bring Trust and Security to Production?  Enabling Technologies Security AMF-ENT-T4183
Zephyr Overview  Enabling Technologies Embedded Software AMF-ENT-T4184
Motor Control Design with MCUXpresso SDK  Enabling Technologies Motor Control AMF-ENT-T4190
IW61x - Tri-Radio Solution and Coexistence  Enabling Technologies Connectivity (UWB, 5G, Wi-Fi 6) AMF-ENT-T4194
Foundations of a Secure, OTA-enabled MCU Platform for Cloud Connected Applications  Enabling Technologies Security AMF-ENT-T4246
i.MX 93 Applications Processors Power a New Era of Secure Edge Intelligence  Enabling Technologies AI and Machine Learning AMF-ENT-T4299
Booting with Confidence  Enabling Technologies Security AMF-ENT-T4305
Hands-On Workshop: Build Gesture Recognition Models and Deploy It  Enabling Technologies AI and Machine Learning AMF-ENT-T4319
Hands-On Workshop: Using the Machine Learning (ML) Software Application Packs to Develop a ML-Based State Monitor for Motor Control  Industrial Power and Energy AMF-IND-T4175
NXP Real-Time Edge RTOS Solution with Cortex-A and Cortex-M Core  Industrial Factory Automation AMF-IND-T4215
Leveraging Mobile Robotics Solutions and Reference Designs for Your Own Designs  Industrial Aerospace and Mobile Robotics AMF-IND-T4220
Meet MCX: Bold New MCUs for the Intelligent Edge  Industrial Factory Automation AMF-IND-T4232
EV Charging Station Solutions  Industrial Power and Energy AMF-IND-T4249
Introduction About Motion Control Applications and NXP Solutions  Industrial Factory Automation AMF-IND-T4307
i.MX 8ULP Product Overview  Smart Home Home Control & Security AMF-SMH-T4197
How to Develop a Matter Compatible Product  Smart Home Home Control & Security AMF-SMH-T4204

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