GS-S32K148-T-BOX: Getting Started with S32K148-T-BOX: Automotive Telematics Box (T-Box) solution

Let's take your S32K148-T-BOX for a test drive.

1.1 Plug the 12 V power supply using:

  • The 23-pin ECU connector with the wiring harness
  • The J31-8 (GND) and J31-1 (+12 V)

NOTE: There is no embedded debugger on the S32K148-T-BOX. Debugging is done using PEMicro U-Multilink/FX through J12 with a mini-20 pin cable on debugger’s port F.

After power on D10, D11, and D12 will light on.
When connecting the U-Multilink debugger to PC, its USB and TGTPWR LED will be lighted on.

2.1 Download the S32K148-T-BOX QSP

Download the S32K148-T-BOX Quick Support Package (QSP) including the to kick start your design.

2.2 Get the S32 Design Studio for Arm

Download and Install the S32DS for Arm® v2018.R1

2.3 Get the S32K SDK RTM

Download and Install the S32 Design Studio for Arm 2018.R1 Update 6 SDK S32K14x RTM v.2.0.0 (REV UP6)

  1. Open S32DS for Arm IDE and select File &gt Import
  2. Then select General &gt Existing Projects into Workspace &gt Next

  1. Go to Select archive file &gt Browse option to choose the file and then select the project &gt Finish
  1. After importing the project, clean it at first by selecting the project in the Project Explorer, then right-click and choose Clean Project
  1. Select the project in the Project Explorer, then right-click and choose Build Project.
  2. NOTE: You will get a "Build Finished" message if the compiled result has no errors.

  1. Select the project in Project Explorer, then right-click, and choose Debug As &gt Debug Configuration
  1. In the Debug Configuration window, select the GDB PEMicro Interface Debugging &gt S32K148_Based_T_BOX_BSP_TestPrj_SDK_RTM2_0_Debug &gt Debugger
  2. Under Interface select right debugger and ensure Port has the right part number, then in Additional Options, check Emergency Kinetis Device Recovery by Full Chip Erase and Use SWD protocol (if not check this option, it will use JTAG debug protocol). Click Debug to launch the debug.
    NOTE: it will download the compile result —elf file into the target MCU at first

4.1 The S32K148-T-BOX BSP test project use S32K148 LPUART2 to output the test result.

Use an USB-to-UART adapter to connect the board with PC via J25-6 (TXD), J25-7 (RXD) and J25-12 (GND):
NOTE: For more details of the test results description and demo projects, please refer to the S32K148-T-BOX software User Guide.

4.2 Open a UART console (e.g. Serial Port Utility) on PC, configure its serial communication format with:

Datarate : 115200 baud/s
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Flow Control: OFF

4.3 Test result output should look like: