Getting Started with the SEN-GEN6-SKT Evaluation Board

This page will assist you in learning about your SEN-GEN6-SKT evaluation board.

Get to know the hardware

2.1 Board description

The SEN-GEN6-SKT board is a socket kit designed to evaluate the FXLS9xxxx and FXPS7xxxx sensors. The board supports different communication configurations such as SPI, I²C, DSI3 or PSI5. Before inserting a device into the socket, make sure you have properly configured the board to support the desired protocol.

2.2 Board features

  • Supports both FXLS9xxxx and FXPS7xxxx sensors
  • Supports SPI, I2C, DSI3 and PSI5
  • Dedicated Beagle and NXP MDI interfaces
  • Colored test points for scope probing

2.3 Board components

Overview of the SEN-GEN6-SKT board


2.4 Additional board support

Refer to UM11559, SEN-GEN6-SKT board for additional details on the featured components.

Configure the hardware

The board supports the FXLS9xxxx and FXPS7xxxx sensor families.

For easier board configuration, the jumpers have been colored per category/protocol. They are listed below:

  • Sensor compatibility or power supply related: black
  • I2C: green
  • DSI3: blue
  • PSI5: red
  • SPI: N/A

By default, the board is configured for FXLS9xxxx devices in SPI mode. However, the configuration can easily be modified using the jumpers.

By default, most jumpers are floating. Floating means they are attached to their proper connector but remain unconnected. The reference to "DNP" means “Do not populate”, meaning it can be removed or unshorted.

3.1 Insert the sensor into the socket

The following figure illustrates the proper way to insert the sensor into the socket. For proper connection, align the circle on the IC to the arrowhead (identified in yellow) on the mounting socket.


3.2 Connect the board to a compatible ECU

The SEN-SPI-BOX has two dedicated interfaces suitable for SPI and I2C communications, an MDI connector and a Beagle connector. The NXP MDI connector supports the SEN-SPI-BOX kit. The Beagle connector is an industrial standard and may be coupled to any Beagle compatible analyzer.


For DSI3 and PSI5 support, the SEN-SPI-BOX can be used with a dedicated NXP adapter (SEN-DSI3-ADAPTER and SEN-PSI5-ADAPTER).

3.3 Additional board support

Refer to UM11559, SEN-GEN6-SKT board user manual for additional details on the hardware configuration.