65 MA 8-Bit Two-Wire Bus Output Port

Product Details

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  • 8 individually selectable open-drain output ports
  • 65 mA static sink capability on all output ports
  • Ports may be paralleled for up to 500 mA drive
  • Ideal for simple LED or general purpose output drive
  • Fast-mode Plus (30 mA, 4000 pF) 2-wire bus capability
  • Works with I²C-bus (Standard-mode, Fast-mode, and Fast-mode Plus), SMBus (standard and high power mode), and PMBus
  • Fast switching times allow operation in excess of 1 MHz
  • Operating voltages from 2.7 V to 5.5 V

Target Applications

  • LED and 7-segment displays
  • Simple high-power (500 mA) LED dimming
  • General purpose output
  • Instrumentation indicators

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