80C51 8-Bit Microcontroller

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Block diagram: P87C552SBAA, P87C552SFAA

Block diagram: P87C552SBAA, P87C552SFAA


  • 80C51 central processing unit
  • 8k ? 8 EPROM expandable externally to 64k bytes
  • An additional 16-bit timer/counter coupled to four capture registers and three compare registers
  • Two standard 16-bit timer/counters
  • 256 ? 8 RAM, expandable externally to 64k bytes
  • Capable of producing eight synchronized, timed outputs
  • A 10-bit ADC with eight multiplexed analog inputs
  • Fast 8-bit ADC option
  • Two 8-bit resolution, pulse width modulation outputs
  • Five 8-bit I/O ports plus one 8-bit input port shared with analog inputs
  • I²C-bus serial I/O port with byte oriented controller and target functions
  • On-chip watchdog timer
  • Extended temperature ranges
  • Full static operation ? 0 to 16 MHz
  • Operating voltage range: 2.7V to 5.5V (0 to 16MHz)
  • Security bits:
    • OTP/EPROM ? 3 bits
  • Encryption array ? 64 bytes
  • 4 level priority interrupt
  • 15 interrupt sources
  • Full-duplex enhanced UART
    • Framing error detection
    • Automatic address recognition
  • Power control modes
    • Clock can be stopped and resumed
    • Idle mode
    • Power down mode
  • Second DPTR register
  • ALE inhibit for EMI reduction
  • Programmable I/O pins
  • Wake-up from power-down by external interrupts
  • Software reset
  • Power-on detect reset
  • ADC charge pump disable
  • ONCE mode
  • ADC active in Idle mode

Part numbers include: P87C552SBAA.


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