MC13850: General Purpose Low-Noise Amplifier with Bypass Switch ARCHIVED



NXP® MC13850 Low Noise Amplifier Block Diagram

NXP<sup>&#174;</sup> MC13850 Low Noise Amplifier Block Diagram

NXP® MC13850 Product Image

NXP<sup>&#174;</sup> MC13850 Product Image

Evaluation Kits

MC13850_EVK Evaluation kits are available for this part to speed your design effort. These evaluation kits include a fully characterized evaluation board with data, circuit schematic, BOM and design information. Each evaluation kit is specific to an application frequency. For the MC13850 there are five evaluation kits available:

  • MC13850-470EVK for 470–860 MHz
  • MC13850-900EVK for 900 MHz
  • MC13850-900HEVK for higher IP3 at 900 MHz
  • MC13850-1960EVK for 1900 MHz
  • MC13850-2400EVK for 2400 MHz

Contact Sales or Marketing to order your evaluation kit.