WPR1500-BUCK: 15 W Wireless Charging Receiver Reference Design



WPR1500-BUCK Block Diagram

WPR1500-BUCK Block Diagram

15W Wireless Charging Receiver

15W Wireless Charging Receiver

Programmable Wireless Charging Solutions


Target Applications

Mobile Computing

  1. Wireless Charging

Get Started

Start Here! Quick Start for the WPR1500-BUCK

Get started out of the box with WPR1500-BUCK. To get started, download and unzip the collection of resources below.

  • WPR1500-BUCK Medium Power Receiver Reference Design User’s Guide with step-by-step instructions to configure the hardware and run the out of box demo.
  • Precompiled medium power wireless charging receiver reference design software.

Start by following the instructions in the User's Guide with your NXP WPR1500-BUCK medium power wireless charging receiver reference design board.

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What's New


WPR1500-LDO: 15 Watt Wireless Charging Receiver Reference Platform

Cost competitive 15W receiver solution with 5V output voltage.


WCT-15W1COILTX: 15 Watt Single-Coil Wireless Charging Transmitter Reference Platform

Highly optimized solution to provide the highest performance efficiency and active charging area available.