WPR1500-BUCK: 15 W Wireless Charging Receiver Reference Design



WPR1500-BUCK Block Diagram

WPR1500-BUCK Block Diagram

15W Wireless Charging Receiver

15W Wireless Charging Receiver

Programmable Wireless Charging Solutions

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Get Started

Start Here! Quick Start for the WPR1500-BUCK

Get started out of the box with WPR1500-BUCK. To get started, download and unzip the collection of resources below.

  • WPR1500-BUCK Medium Power Receiver Reference Design User’s Guide with step-by-step instructions to configure the hardware and run the out of box demo.
  • Precompiled medium power wireless charging receiver reference design software.

Start by following the instructions in the User's Guide with your NXP WPR1500-BUCK medium power wireless charging receiver reference design board.

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